Amazing Iris Dress [Photos]

The rugged north coast of California is a land not meant for all people…or all flowers. To be clear, San Francisco is not truly northern California. You need to keep driving up Route 1 or Route 101, and traverse through the “Redwood Curtain,” then you have arrived in a nearly prehistoric part of the country. Gothic cathedrals of redwoods and deserted beaches, welcome you to a landscape cut from the seismic epicenter of the West Coast, the ever-shifting Triple Junction.

Sun valley Iris

The lush flora and fauna of Humboldt County have brought back-to-the-landers, prospectors, and dreamers of all stripes to this frontier promised land. Included in this group of outlaws were flower farmers drawn to the temperate climate and abundant clean water. One such character was Dr. Leslie Woodruff, who bred the Stargazer lily right here on the property. 

iris dress

Concepts embodied in the Slow Flowers movement such as local, seasonal, and sustainable, have been part of our lexicon for generations. Not because we are trendsetters, but out of necessity.

iris and tulip dress

Ironically, the trend spotters now look to our lifestyle for inspiration, and the amazing floral designs by Humboldt County’s own Faye Krause are in-demand from suburbia to metropolitan hubs.

sun valley flowers

Faye has long been a friend of Sun Valley, living maybe 5 miles from the farm. However, it wasn’t until she was tapped by Debra Prinzing to do the floral design for the Field to Vase Dinner (Photos here!) we hosted in our tulip greenhouse on a stormy night in early March 2016; that we were shown her talent and amazing design skills.

For 2018 American Flowers Week, Faye created a stunning concept which bridges the essence of the flowers and the beautiful but forbidding environment where they grow. The artful photography is by  stand-out photographer Leon Villagomez.

The striking concept Faye created explores the connection of the rural spirit of our region and the wild, untamed aspect of iris, which is a native species. Of course, the iris we grow are not garden varieties, but bred to excel in floral arrangements. They are unique in their stamina and deep color saturation.

Faye Krause making last minute adjustments.

It is fitting that Faye chose iris to represent American Flowers Week, as the stately elegance paired with the down-home appeal, make iris perhaps the perfect American grown flower.

Watch this quick video of our own Lane DeVries speaking about our American grown Iris program.

American Flower week