Fall Tulip Season LAUNCH

Hip Hip Hooray!
Tulips are Here to Stay!

Sun Valley's Southern Hemisphere Tulip Program has LAUNCHED!  Every year about this time, we begin to harvest tulips grown from bulbs originating in New Zealand. These tulips have been bred for years in the Southern Hemisphere, so they believe (in an agronomic sense) that it is spring time right now.

This means exceptional spring quality tulips for the entire fall, through New Years. On January First, the Dutch spring bulb season begins, so it is a seamless flow of extraordinary tulips.

Our program has all the traditional colors as well as a healthy helping of Doubles, Crispas and Fancy varieties.

Sun Valley has been the leading grower of year-round tulips in the United States for literally decades and the reason for our longevity is simple: An unparalleled devotion to quality.

Dynasty Tulips paired with Versailles Freesia.

Check out this fun infographic we created to track how tulips get all the way from the bulb to the consumer's home.  Interested in a High Resolution PDF to share with your customers?  Email us, and we will send it right over!

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Tulips in october and november