Bigfoot Cotinus

We have been growing Cotinus for many years at our farm in Willow Creek, CA.

It has been steadily growing in popularity, then, this all changed two weeks ago when our Grade 0 / 6-Foot (183 CM!) won a Best in Class Blue Ribbon at the SAF Convention in Palm Springs. Cotinus is now a star!

cotinus at SAF Convention
Winner Winner, Blue Ribbon Cotinus

We grow the variety called “Royal Purple” which produces straight tall, leafy branches. You may be familiar cotinus, common name “Smoke Bush” (pronounced co-tine-us) but the bushes you see in a neighbor’s yard or at your local garden center are a garden variety of Cotinus and very different from our Royal Purple, which was actually bred for floral applications.
Offering a 6-Foot grade of this expansive foliage has let designers and flower connoisseurs enjoy a truly remarkable experience.

cotinus arch floral display
Arched 6 foot Cotinus, with stems straight as well. Including Columbus Tulips, Antiqued Hydrangea, Strong Gold Tulips, Autumn Spirit Ilex and London Heart Tango Lilies.

The stems are thick, but flexible and the dense foliage lets you tuck all sort of surprises into the design. One side of the leaves are deep burgundy with crimson veins and the other side is a soft green hue with white veins. The two leaf colors complement each other, as leaves lay in different directions.

We brought a bunch of 6-Foot Cotinus to our design studio on the farm and had some fun working with this malleable and beautiful foliage.

London Heart Tango Lily, Cotinus, antiqued hydrangea, and a single Columbus Tulip
Of course, we also offer our Cotinus in other sizes as well, so chime in with your sales rep on what length you would like.

Autumn Spirit Ilex with Cotinus and Antiqued Hydrangea
Autumn Spirit Ilex with Cotinus and Antiqued Hydrangea
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