Petal It Forward with Royal Lilies

Sun Valley is excited to support the Society of American Florists as they “Petal It Forward” on Wednesday October 24th 2019.

This fun day has been growing in popularity across the country, as flower lovers unite and share flowers, not only with the ones they love, but complete strangers. The premise is simple.  You give someone 2 bouquets, one for them to keep ...and one for them to “Petal Forward.”

Check out this short video about the event:

Petal It Forward events are scheduled across the country, and you can participate and join in this huge PR opportunity. To learn more visit:

Sun Valley SAF Petal It Forward 2019

For our part, Sun Valley is offering a Royal Lily Sale so it is easy for wholesalers and florists to participate and not break the bank. Reach out to your Sun Valley Sales Rep., or ask your wholesaler to give us a call.
This event has garnered a huge amount of media coverage, so now is the time to start planning to Petal It Forward!

Petal It Forward 2019