French Tulip Roi Du Midi

This product is listed as a reference only and is not expected to be available from this store

Spectacular golden yellow thoroughly saturates pearlescent petals formed as a perfectly balanced oval. "King of the day" stands tall on 24 to 30 inch stems.

    1. Cut french tulip stem ends to create fresh surface to absorb water and remove any faded stem base.
    2. If french tulip stems are slightly bowed, trim stem tips and roll the tulips in newspaper with the paper extending above the flower tops, but not covering the lower third of the stems. Place them upright in water with a source of light directly above them
    3. Remove all foliage below the water line and place in a clean container filled with cool water and, optionally, floral preservative.
    4. If you do not add floral preservative, change the water and re-cut the stems every day or so.
    5. Place french tulips in a spot with even light, or rotate frequently as tulips will turn to face the sun
    6. French tulips are sensitive to ethylene (which comes from fresh vegetables and fruits, especially bananas) which makes them open faster, but also age faster. Depending on your preference, place them away from or near fresh fruit and vegetables.
    7. After a day, your arrangement may seem a bit larger - french tulips continue to grow for about a day after they’re placed in water.

    8. If you purchased your french tulips ahead of time for a special event, cut the stems and place them in water (and floral preservative if you choose) as above.
    9. Place your french tulips in an area away from direct sunlight until ready for your event. We also recommend cooler temperatures and high relative humidity if possible.