Freesia Silver Beach

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White Freesia flower.
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    SIMPLE BEAUTY AT HOME 1. Cut freesia stem ends to create fresh surface to absorb water and remove any faded stem base. 2. Remove all foliage below the water line and place in a clean container filled with cool water and, optionally, floral preservative. 3. If you do not add floral preservative, change the water and re-cut the stems every day or so. 4. Each Freesia stems will have 5 or 6 tubular flowers. Remove each spent flower to extend the life of the coming blooms. SPECIAL EVENTS OR GENERALLY LONGER VASE LIFE 5. If you purchased your freesia ahead of time for a special event, cut the stems and place them in water (and floral preservative if you choose) as above. 6. Place your freesia in an area away from direct sunlight until ready for your event. We also recommend cooler temperatures and high relative humidity if possible.