Z-Calla Photo Freak Out

Calla Lily Season (or, as we call them, Z-Callas) is in full effect! Both our Oxnard and Arcata Farms are bursting with color and looking great.  I think I may have fallen in love with a hoop house.

Zantedeschia Z-calla growing
Z-callas ready to be picked

I did some walking around with the camera in order to capture the magical growth that is happening. Now, I share this eye candy with you.  Enjoy!

Some Z-Calla Varieties:

maroon purple zantedeschia z-calla lily
Dark Maroon Calla beginning to unfurl

vermeer calla lily
Vermeer Z-callas
morning sun z-calla zantedeschia calla lily
Morning Sun Z-Calla
white zantedeschia calla lily
Captain Ventura Z-Calla

yellow z-calla lily
Gold Medal Z-Calla
pink z-calla zantedeschia calla lily
Royal Princess Z-Calla

Z-Calla Hoop Houses:

z-calla lilies growing in hoops

how to grow zantedeschia

yellow calla lilies growing
Yellow Calla Madness

purple zantedeschia
Buckets of Blooms
Hope you enjoyed the walk through our World of Color; and don't worry, there's plenty to share!

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