Wild and Whimsical Matricaria

The field-to-vase look has become popular both for the philosophy it represents as well as the gorgeous décor trends it results in, and for good reason.  The natural beauty of fresh-picked, American-grown flowers make for some incredible arrangements and bouquets, and summer is time for one of the most wild and whimsical flowers of all, Matricaria

Matricaria bouquet
The mountain-elegant vibe is popular with wedding planners and floral designers alike, and Matricaria (commonly known as chamomile) is versatile in that in can possess both the wild, au natural aesthetic while also pairing elegantly with classic blooms such as roses and tulips (see photos below).

Chamomile flower bouquets
Design on right by Donato Chiriatti
Matricaria is the epitome of field-to-vase -- for us, it is a California-grown beauty that loves the sunshine, which is why we grow it at our sunny and warm Southern California farm in Oxnard.  In addition, it acts as a positive soil amendment in crop rotation, aiding and abetting our sustainable flower farming practices.  So not only is it an eco-friendly, American-grown bloom, its wildflower look captures that earthy and natural style so well, while also providing instant color, volume, and texture.  

Matricaria bunches from Sun Valley Group 
Matricaria provides infinitely more possibilities within its varietal milieu, such as white and yellow button matricaria, which have no petals -- hence the name "button" -- and they, too, provide immediate texture and perfect pops of color for a range of styles.  

White button matricaria bouquets
And in addition to traditional daisy and button Matricaria, we also offer dyed Matricaria in shades of blue, green, red, and yellow, which can be used to add depth and variety to any color scheme.

Dyed Chamomile bouquets

All varieties of Matricaria have an extremely long vase life of 10-14 days, which make them an ideal filler, and while it looks fantastic in mixed bouquets, we absolutely love it in a straight bunches: full, wild, and brimming with whimsical-elegance:
 chamomile arrangements
For more information about how we grow Matricaria, check out the video of Lane DeVries below, standing in a field of our Matricaria as far as the eye can see! And to learn more about Matricaria's soil-healing properties, read our informative blog post here.

No matter what kind of Matricaria you love -- daisy, button, or dyed -- we have the bunch to fit your needs.  Give your sales rep a call to add some irresistible happiness to your selection!

Lady Aster Matricaria Design