Why Royal Lilies are the Perfect Flowers For Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day Season, our teams harvest hundreds of thousands of flowers, and each year, certain varieties will emerge as the Perfect Mother's Day Bloom.  This year, it's our phenomenal crops of LA Hybrids, aka Royal Lilies.
Sun Valley Floral Farms LA Hybrid
This year's long, rainy winter and extra-cool spring in Northern California has blessed us with an outstanding harvest of Royal Lilies, just in time for Mother's Day.  Why do these flowers stand out as perfect gifts for mom?  First, and foremost, is their distinctive lasting ability (much like mom!).   The "hybrid" in LA Hybrid has given them one of the strongest vase lives out of all the lilies, offering an extended, unparalleled enjoyment for those who receive them.  These are the flowers that give further joy with each additional day of fantastic bloom, and two weeks after Mother's Day, you can be sure mom will still be enjoying their beauty!  Behind their elegant shape is an implicit strength--You can feel it in their thick, sturdy stems and healthy, plump petals.

Sun Valley Group royal lilies

Royal Lilies are made even better by their large bud size and giant blooms (larger than traditional Asiatics). They have a wide-ranging, warm color palette, with hues ranging from pastel pinks and peaches to dark reds and fuchsias to bright oranges and yellows.  Have a look at that great color spread of one our LA Hybrid test rows below: 
Lilies for Mother's Day
Our Diamond Series Royal Lilies

Royal Lilies also have another unseen benefit -- they have virtually no scent. Though many people may love the intoxicating fragrance of an Oriental lily (myself included) it can be too much for those with sensitive noses.  You can fill an entire room with Royal Lilies and it will not interfere with the smell of a meal nor affect one's allergies.  I will be sending both my mom and my grandma Royal Lilies this Mother's Day; although only one has a sensitive nose, they will both love the dazzling display and enduring enjoyment that Royal Lilies Provide.

Sun Valley Group La Hybrid lilies
Yellow Diamond Lilies

Give your mother a long-lasting gift this Mother's Day! An American Grown LA Hybrid Lily, bred with the best of the best in mind.

Lady Aster LA Hybrids

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