Valentine's Fancy Tulips [Video]

Sun Valley's Fancy Tulip Program is renown for having the most irresistible tulips, and we are still booking orders to share these beauties with your customers for Valentine's Day 2018.

Consumers are looking for "new and different", and these two attributes are exactly what Fancy Tulips embody.

Even with the rush of Valentine's Day approaching, we were able to grab Lane for a few minutes to walk over to the tulip greenhouse and explain our Fancy Tulip Program. In this short video, Lane shows off some stunning varieties and explains where and how we grow our Fancy Tulips.

OK! Now, you need some design inspiration. Check out this brand new video by J Schwanke of UBloom. What I love about this video is that J's designs are so simple and elegant, and they really let the flowers speak for themselves.

Thanks for checking out these two videos, please feel free to share!

Fancy tulip trend for Valentine's Day 2018

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