Valentine’s Day Lift Off

Feel that tension in the air? Look around the farm. Everybody is moving a bit faster. The energy is starting to build for Valentine’s Day 2023! Valentine’s Day is the second biggest holiday for Sun Valley, behind Mother’s Day.

Shipping fresh, quality flowers is essential for this holiday, since for many consumers, this may be one of the few times a year they buy flowers. Delivering old, stale product to consumers is a bad thing for the industry. At Sun Valley, our flowers will be picked right up to the big day and delivered, fresh and ready to delight and amaze customers. This will increase the number of consumers that enjoy flowers every day. 


Sun Valley Tulip Picking In Greenhouse


We train for these holidays all year long. Sun Valley has many systems put in place that are essential for a successful holiday. Though these systems may not get used much at certain times of year, now we are like mission control, before the launch of a rocket.


Sun Valley Tulip Production


Testing mechanical systems, making sure trucking schedules are solid, reviewing crop availability almost on an hourly level, and then of course, the most important piece, making sure our team is assembled and ready to go. It takes a lot of people and a lot team work to pull off a successful holiday, luckily we build this core team throughout the year, and augment additional team members as needed.


Sun Valley Shipping Holiday Valentines Day Orders Flowers


Our sales team is shoring up orders and making sure every customer has what they need. Once you get to a certain point in the holiday, there is no room for additional orders, so now is the time to make sure you are getting the flowers you and your customers will need.


Sun Valley Happy Team Members Valentines Day Flowers Tulips Lilies Iris


There is no small irony, that the Superbowl is right before Valentine’s Day, since both events require a huge amount of dedication, training and once it is “Game Day” our team will be performing at the highest level.