Tulips: Ask the weight, before the price


Tulips Weight Matters


Consumers may think a flower is a flower, or a tulip is just a tulip. But we in the flower industry know that this is not the case.

Two key factors contribute to making a better tulip. How do you define better?

At Sun Valley, we define better as the best possible consumer experience. After all, it is the end user that we aim to delight and amaze with our flowers, therefore a better tulip performs better for consumers. We’ll prove it, let us send you a sample box today!

The first factor in determining if one tulip is better than another is weightIn some markets, tulip pricing is based on the weight of each flower. As an example, a 20-gram tulip may sell for 40 cents per stem, where a 40-gram tulip may sell for 60 cents per stem. You wouldn’t buy a 5-pound bag of potatoes and happily take home 2.5 pounds, would you?

What does weight have to do with quality? Literally everything. A heavy tulip biologically has a greater capacity for energy, a greater capacity to uptake water, and a greater capacity for an excellent vase life.

What’s the second factor that affects quality? Foliage! Deep green leaves speak to a vibrant, healthy plant, one that has been grown slowly, giving it more time to absorb lots of energy from the sun.  When you see a tulip with pale green, yellowish leaves, it illustrates that this tulip was grown in a non-optimal environment, such as low light conditions or high greenhouse temperatures. The leaves are the first sign that this tulip will disappoint the consumer. We encourage you to take these tulips, weigh them and do your own side by side comparison.

As an industry, we need to be relentless in our commitment to bring the best quality flowers to market. This preserves the customer’s perception and ensures a healthy, thriving market for generations to come.

Before you ask the price for a tulip, ask for the weight, and check the health of the foliage.

Not convinced? Ask for a sample box. We’ll send it today.


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