Trend Spotting: Millennial Pink

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
                                                                                                    -Audrey Hepburn

Are you tapping into the Millennial Pink craze which continues to grow?  Millennial Pink is close to what we would call “rose pink” in the floral world, but as this trend continues, the definition of Millennial Pink is really becoming much broader and now encompassing many shades of pink, from nearly apricot to just shy of traditional pink.

millennial wedding bouquet
Belle Du Monde French Tulips paired with Lisianthus and Salal.
Last year, one of the two Pantone Colors of the Year was Rose Quartz 13-1520, this was in recognition of this pink hue’s popularity.  However, where Pantone puts a very fine point on their color of the year, this color’s popularity has been evolving and expanding across the cultural touch points which make a color popular.

perfect millennial pink flowers
Queensland Tulip, Revolution Hydrangea and Salal, modeled by Sales Assistant extraordinaire, Kristen

This color is likely affecting your summer bridal business with a headline in Cosmopolitan from June 14th 2017 declaring, “Coolest Bride Ever Wears Millennial Pink to Her Wedding”.

Luckily, Mother Nature (and a few flower breeders!) saw this trend coming and blessed us with flowers that match and accent Millennial Pink. Whether the flowers, the dress, the cake or the place-settings, this trend is pretty stunning, once you start to look for it.

This slide show from PopSugar shows the breath of the Millennial Pink trend in weddings.
lisianthus an dlilies that are millenial pink
Millennial Pink: Rose Lisianthus and our Sugar Diamond Royal LA Hybrid Lily

 Renowned Dutch flower designer Pieter Landman has this to say about Millennial Pink,
“Tableware, pillows, towels, and of course, flowers in Millennial Pink can't fail in the interior design of today. This color will enhance the home atmosphere and create a positive feeling, which is what we want in our interior spaces.”
Pink Matsumoto and Rose Pink Snapdragons

In social terms, this more androgynous, and less feminine pink speaks to the millennial generation; fulfilling a need to take back pink from the world of Barbie, and re-brand it in a more mature and thoughtful light. It also gives voice to a generation striving for gender equality and an ongoing redefining of womanhood.  For an intriguing chronological history of this trend, check out this post from The Cut, titled "Why Millennial Pink Refuses to Go Away."
Millennial Pink Blooms we have available today, in vases by Syndicate Sales
Millennial Pink's popularity is an untapped opportunity for the flower industry, as I dug through various fashion, design, and style blogs. I did not see one flower.  ...We need to change this!
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