Sustainability: Mother’s Day Marketing

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
                                                                          -Marcel Proust

As we approach Mother’s Day, a key factor you should be marketing to your customers is sustainability. Not all blooms are grown to the same standards, and as sons and daughters purchase flowers for their mom, they will be thinking about where the flowers came from and how they were grown.

Sorbonne Lily, with our Dutch glass greenhouse in the background
At this traditional time to honor mom, today's conscientious consumer needs to trust that the flowers they share are as safe as they are beautiful. This factor will weigh heavily on which bunch of flowers they select.

Making sure your customers are aware that you carry certified sustainable flowers also shines the light on your organization. You will find consumers are grateful to learn your company has eco-friendly offerings. 

Sun Valley has worked very hard over the last few years to become certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance at both our Oxnard and Arcata locations. This international organization is the gold standard for environmental and social responsibility in agriculture.

Oriental Lilies, Just Picked!

Whether as a retail florist, a wholesaler, internet company or a supermarket floral department, offering sustainably grown flowers is a sure way to grab that consumers attention.

Telling the story about the origin of the flowers you offer is an easy way to make the purchase a more gratifying experience for the consumer.  After all, when you buy anything for your mom, you want it to be the best quality. As a trend, people do not skimp on mom!
Sun Valley offers the classics for Mother’s Day, such as pink and white oriental lilies, like Starfighter, Sorbonne and Ice Dreamer. If mom is allergic the scent of lilies, no problem!  You can still delight her with the magnificent shape and color of lilies, since we offer our Royal LA Hybrid lilies which have no scent.

Got Lilies?

Our bouquet line offers Rainforest Alliance certified bouquets expertly arranged with lilies as a focal. These ready-made bouquets are perfect for the on-the-go shopper, and will make your life easy at the big rush.

With the late Easter, Mother’s Day is going to be a whirlwind!

Make the most of the holiday by offering Rainforest Alliance certified blooms from Sun Valley to your customers.