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Every year, during the fervor of Flower Holiday Season, I like to get together with Rodi Groot, head of Sun Pacific Bouquet (aka Sun Pac).  While much of Sun Valley's time is allocated to growing, picking, and shipping the high-quality blooms we're known for, Sun Pac is responsible for using those farm-fresh flowers to design and build hand-crafted and custom bouquets.

If you're looking for bouquets, contact us, as we are still taking orders for Valentine’s Day!

Bright Valentine's Day Flowers
 Sun Pac's office is located in Oxnard at our Southern California farm; I gave Rodi a call to see what he and his team have going on for Valentine's Day 2017:
 How have you and your team been preparing for the holiday?

Preparing for Valentine's DAy We have been busy! For the last six months we've implemented new software, technology, and machinery to give us even better control of our costs.  And since the new year, we've deep-cleaned our entire bouquet assembly area, sanded and resealed all production tables, confirmed (and confirmed again) that flower farm production will match perfectly with the number of planned bouquets, and we have been hiring and training extra team members to keep up with production.  We will end up adding 400% more team members to the Bouquet Department alone in order fulfill demand and ensure that all our products will delight and amaze.

Tulip Valentine's Day Bouquet

Your design team is at the forefront of floral trends and fashions (read about their creative process here); any noticeable trends in the bouquet world?

Sunflowers Lilies Matricaria Bouquet
Chamomile, snaps, sunflowers
The shift towards the wildflower and garden-style look continues to grow, which is fantastic.  We have great access to flowers and greens that fit this pretty aesthetic.  Our Fields Collection is an example of this.  Simple market bunches are another item that looks to do very well.

We also have a brand new sleeve made out of white paper, which mimics the white paper used at the Dutch flower markets.  This adds to each hand-crafted bouquet a romantic, European-flower-market feel.  This aesthetic looks like it is going to be a huge trend, and its great to be out in front of it.  So, keep your eye out and remember you heard it here first!

White paper wrapping flower sleeve

What are some of your most popular items this year?  

Chamomile, snapdragons, brassica, grevillea, sweet and green huck, bear grass, and sunflowers are high in demand, especially when accentuated with focal flowers like Royal Lilies, and spiced up with spray roses.

Popular Flowers for Valentine's Day
L-R: Royal Lilies with Beargrass, Sunflowers, Brassica with Matricaria, Snapdragons, Tulips with Sweet Huck

Any products or bouquets you are particularly excited about?

A great value for this holiday is our red tulip and blue iris bouquet, which can be upgraded to add our sweet-smelling, pink-purple waxflower and rounded out with salal.

Red Tulips and Iris Bouquet
Tulip and Iris Bouquet
Another bouquet to highlight is the Blue Royale.  This bouquet is a blend of premium-grade flowers (in Valentine's Day colors) wrapped in our custom-made, blue and white composed granite sleeve.  It looks full and fantastic, and smells great.

Blue Royale Valentine's Bouquets

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Rodi! 

If you love these ideas, call your rep today and you can have them for Valentine's Day!

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