Spring Is In Bloom

Spring Tulips

It is Tulip Season and spring is in full bloom on our farm! This year we will grow millions of tulips on our Rainforest Alliance™ Certified farm in Arcata, CA. We grow dozens of different varieties in a range of types—Standards, Doubles, Crispa, and Parrots.


To celebrate spring and our love of tulips we thought it would be fun to share some of our current favorite varieties with you!

—Tulip Varieties—

Flashpoint Double Tulips



Double "Peony" Tulips


These tulips boast double the petals and often resemble a peony.


Popular Varieties:

Flashpoint, Monte Carlo, Orange






Queensland Fringed Tulips



Crispa "Fringed" Tulips


These unique tulips have frilly or fringed edges on their petals.


Popular Varieties:

Queensland, Honeymoon, Mascotte




Marvel Parrot Tulips



Parrot Tulips


Parrot tulips come in unique colors and their petals feature distinct, ruffled edges.


Popular Varieties:

Apricot, Silver, & Negritta Parrot




Purple Tulips



Standard Tulips


What you typically think of when you think of a tulip. Standards generally have 6 petals and form a cup shape.


Popular Varieties:

World's Favorite, Carola, Ile de France



—Farm Favorites—

The Varieties We Can't Get Enough Of

Hans's Favorite TulipChris's Favorite TulipIla's Favorite TulipBuki's Favorite TulipJose's Favorite TulipFabi's Favorite Tulip