Royal Season

Royal Lilies Al Fresco

With temperatures on the rise and al fresco gatherings at an all time high due to COVID safety protocols, we have found the perfect bloom for your outdoor tablescapes—Royal Lilies.

Not only are Royal Lilies incredibly hearty and will hold up just fine underneath the warm sun, they are unscented and wont interfere with your meal or summer wine!

Royal Lilies Blooming

This year's long cold winter on our Arcata farm has produced an incredible crop of Royal Lilies.

With colors ranging from pastel pinks to dark reds, bright oranges, and sunshine yellows we have all the best colors of the season!

Unscented Royal Lilies

Why We Love Royal Lilies:

  • Unscented: Royal Lilies are perfect for those who want the beauty of a lily but want to skip the fragrance
  • Long Vase Life: Royal Lilies can provide weeks of beauty!
  • Colors: From light pinks to deep reds and beautiful whites we have the colors and varieties for every need!