Pumpkin Spice Flowers

Ahhh yes, can you feel it in the air?  The long line at Starbucks, the crackling of fallen leaves under foot, and the familiar sound of espresso machines echoing across the shopping center, it’s here people, Pumpkin Spice Latte Season!

pumkin spice flowers

At Sun Valley we have been advocating for the pumpkin spice trend for years, and we have been planting crops to accent this cultural phenomenon perfectly.

pumpkin spice bouquets
Pumpkin Spice Flowers!

   So what flowers do you pair with pumpkin spice lattes?
pumpkin spice sunflowers and cotihus
Sunflowers with Cotinus

We start with sunflowers, perhaps the poster child for all October flowers. The warm, cheery vibe of sunflowers will warm your heart, while that pumpkin spice latte warms your soul. Be careful, holding that arm load of sunflowers and your latte is a delicate balancing act!

pumpkin spice sunflowers
Sunflowers with Rosemary

Of course you like some flair, so we also pair our Sunflowers with our deep burgundy cotinus. The contrast creates a strong visual interest, just like the barista swirling designs on your foam.  For all you foodies out there, we also pair our sunflowers with tall, fragrant rosemary. This look is all about texture and the unexpected scent of rosemary in a flower arrangement, much like the cosmic joy of pumpkin spice in a coffee drink, who knew?

Royal Lilies

 Then we look at our Royal LA Hybrid lilies, let the oranges, reds and yellows of these beauties sweep you off your feet. After a day lugging a wagon through the pumpkin patch, losing your children in the corn maze, and binge-eating pie, maybe it’s time for a little “me time.”  You know the drill, Starbuck’s drive through, on your way home to sit by the fireplace, gaze at the elegant symmetry of the lilies and rest your weary soul.

dia de los muertos flower bouquet
Our Dia de los Muertos offering from Sun Pacific Bouquet

Before Pumpkin Spice, October used to make people think of Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos, for those that still honor these traditions, Sun Valley is producing some wonderful marigolds at our Baja farm. The color of the marigolds, most closely resembles the orange tones of a freshly harvested pumpkin, so they work really well in fall themed center pieces.  Why not invite some friends over to do some crafting and make autumn themed decorations…perhaps with a visit to Starbucks to celebrate!
antique hydrangea pumpkin spice
Spin the color wheel with our antique hydrangea!

Lastly, Antique Hydrangea. You know you are a little shabby and chic around the edges, why not go all in and show off these super-hip blooms. Antiques coming out of our farm in Humboldt County, California, have a wild assortment of colors on a single head.  They are a kaleidoscope on a stem and just three stems will fill up a vase.  These are perfect in your kitchen or breakfast nook, and they don’t need much attention, so you can focus on that 16 ounces of delight you are holding right now.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte Season from Sun Valley.
pumpkin spice everything