Pretty In Pink

Sorbonne Oriental Lily Sun Valley Floral Farms

Our lily team has been busy harvesting and packing up Sorbonne Oriental Lilies and we thought it would be a great time to take you on a farm walk through the Oriental Lily greenhouse.

Our Oriental Lily crew is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to growing and harvesting some of the best cut-lilies available. Many of our team members have been with Sun Valley for years and their experience and dedication shine through every stem we ship off the farm!

California Flower Farmer Sorbonne Lily

Above: Team Leader, Joanna is all smiles in the Lily greenhouse

Sorbonne Lily in Sun Valley Floral Farms Greenhouse

Sorbonne Lilies can be identified by their deep pink color and signature, white border.

Team Member Harvesting Lilies Sun Valley Floral FarmsSorbonne Oriental Lily Sun Valley Floral Farms

Why We Love Sorbonne:


  • Color: This pink beauty looks great year-round


  • Fragrance: The sweet scent Oriental Lilies are known for


  • Plays Well With Others: Sorbonne looks great on its own but we also love it with Telstar Iris, Freesia, Eucalyptus, and even Christmas Greens!


We have plenty of Sorbonne Lilies available, call your rep to scoop up this pink beauty!