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Take a quick tour of our booth from last week at the PMA Fresh Summit. This was a huge event featuring flowers from around the world.  Just scroll down through the images:  Ready, Set, Go!

Best Christmas flowers
The Holidays at Sun Valley: Lilies, Ilex,  Cedar, Tulips, Doug Fir...and more! 

Rainforest Alliance Certified Flowers
Our Rainforest Alliance Certified Tulips and Sunflowers compliment each other beautifully in this display.

Women's Day Flowers 2018  March 8th
Thursday, March 8th is Women's Day, perfect for Tulips and Iris.

Sunflower bouquet
Straight out of Baja, our custom "3 Pound Bouquet" packs a HUGE impact, with a small price tag.

Sun Valley Floral Farm Team
Your Sun Valley PMA crew, from left to right. JW, Lane, Bill, Roberto, Jack and Maureen.

amazing flower designs
Our dramatic centerpiece, featuring our "Flaming Parrot" Tulip (yellow and red), as well as Ilex, Horsetail, and a variety of Lilies. 

Butterfly Garden
The Butterfly Garden features a reusable watering pitcher, with either a 12 stem bouquet or a 12 stem tulip. This is a serious Value-Ad!

Tulip displays
New display ideas, such as this cute tulip box, sell it baby!

Bouquet display options for supermarkets
We debuted our NEW Pacific Paradise line of bouquets, available in either a popular craft prefold or European styled white prefold.  

Christmas Tulips
Tulips and Ilex, a match made in holiday heaven.
Dixie Jazz lily, showing off for the crowd, we truly are "Lily-Centric"

Red Lilies
Our Giant "Redwood Lilies" are now available. Graded at 40 inched tall, with huge blooms. This variety is called Pokerface.
Got Your Six Fundraiser
Did you  know we are offering a program to support Veterans? Ask your sales rep. about our Got Your Six campaign.

Buy Iris
Big, Bold Iris, grabbed a lot of attention.

flower displays
Got Height?  We have a new display box designed for tall products. This is a great, free standing way to highlight something different in your department.
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