Pantone Color of the Year 2017

This year, Pantone was looking for a Color of the Year that could symbolize revitalization and new beginnings.  What they found was the zesty, super-fresh shade of  Greenery (15-0343).

Pantone 15-0343 Color of the Year

This bright yellow-green hue is demonstrative of burgeoning, blossoming foliage and the lush, calming effect of nature.  The color serves to invigorate, energize, and connect.  Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Institute describes Greenery as "a symbol of new beginnings, fresh, and revitalizing."
Sun Valley Viburnum snowballs greenery
 Pantone Greenery in Viburnum
Tulip and Greenery As Oasis Floral Products has pointed out, Greenery functions as nature's neutral--it is the color that naturally complements fresh flowers in organic design.  One cannot imagine the colorful petals of a tulip without its complementary greenery; the two are inextricable in their form and function.

So, florists are celebrating Pantone's vibrant color selection this year, and together they will continue the movement towards versatile, natural, and fun floral designs.  Even the novice designer may find that Greenery will make the creation of fashionable flower arrangements easy-to-achieve this year.

Floral Greenery 

While greenery has often been seen as a background color, it is refreshing and exciting to see it being pulled to the forefront of floral design.  After all, the fresh vibrant hue of Greenery appears in several flowers, naturally.  Some of our favorites include Viburnum, Green Trick Dianthus, Bells of Ireland, Amethyst Hydrangea, and Ornamental Kale.
Flowers that naturally greenery
Bells-of-Ireland, Ornamental Kale, Green Trick Dianthus, Amethyst Hydrangea
When displayed by themselves, these gorgeous flowers and botanicals provide a pop of fresh color, and convey a feeling of organic, holistic, and harmonious living.
Green flower design
L-R: Viburnum, Dianthus, and Bells-of-Ireland

Green flowers, foliage, and botanicals have been on the rise in wedding palettes, bouquets, and arrangements.   These fresh and pretty designs work well with the trends of natural, rustic-modern, and sustainable wedding decor. 
Natural Green wedding Bouquets
Greenery-based Bridal Bouquets: Green Trick Dianthus, Fern, Parrot Tulips 
Natural Green Wedding Centerpieces
Greenery-based Wedding Arrangements L-R: Green Ball Dianthus, Viburnum, and Hydrangea

It's no secret that the colors we use and are surrounded by affect our moods and emotions.  Greenery is not only gorgeous and easy to incorporate; it is a color that can fill one with optimism, momentum, and vigor.  

Here's looking to you, 2017.

Lady Aster Pantone Color the Year