One Reason

Feeling good about your flowers is important. Sun Valley tulips are grown with the upmost care and dedication.

We obsess over our tulips. The soil in which they grow, the bulb conditions, post-harvest handling, and the varieties we select are just a few points where we fixate over details.

Yes, that’s a strong word, but tulip growing isn’t for those with a weak heart, it is a belief in the flowers and a commitment to our process that leads to the world’s best tulips.

Our Southern Hemisphere program is just starting, bringing bulbs from New Zealand to harvest. These bulbs have been bred where the seasons are reversed, so right now, they think it is a cold wet, spring day. Perfect for vibrant, robust tulips. 

We grow our flowers in soil, the way nature intended. They were picked by hand, not by machine. They were grown slowly in a greenhouse, not forced in an artificial production line. The foliage is healthy and green. This shows you that this tulip is full of kinetic energy.

When you bring it home to your family, it will perform at the highest level, with a singular ambition to delight and amaze.

No flower has as much personality as a tulip; frankly, there aren’t many people with as much personality as a tulip. These tulips will make you feel good, not just because flowers are beautiful, but because they will add a richness to your surroundings.

Flower farmers have a long history of stewardship of the land and we were early adopters of   environmental practices that worked in concert with nature, with the birds, and with the bees. We would not have it any other way, this is epitomized by our sustainability certification by the Rainforest Alliance. 

You can trust that these Sun Valley tulips were grown with the values we share, and they were grown for one reason.  That one reason is you.


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