New Tulip Gallery

Springtime is tulip time!  Though most of our production focuses on our classic varieties that you already know and love, we work closely with partners in Holland to bring new varieties to market.

This is really exciting, as Lane will come to the sales office holding a new variety of tulip nearly everyday.

Beyond growing these beauties, the task of photographing and documenting their key characteristics is an ongoing challenge.

Here are some from the last week!  (Note: a couple of these have been available, but we are just now getting photos.)

Which one is your favorite? 

Cabanna Tulip

Merida Tulip
Marathon Champion Tulip
Marathon Champion

Hong Kong Tulip
Hong Kong

PT - 84 Tulip

Purple Lord Tulip
Purple Lord

Silver Dollar Tulip
Silver Dollar

Ural Tulip
Cheers to spring and cheers to tulips!

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