New Roselily Varieties

The Roselily is a gorgeous freak of nature.  Its spontaneous mutation (lush, multi-layered petals) was discovered by the De Looff Brothers in the early 2000s.  Over the next decade they worked with this mutation in their breeding program to bring forth the earliest Roselily varieties, Belonica and Fabiola.

new roselily thalita
New Roselily Variety, Thalita

These first flagship varietiesBelonica and Fabiolatook the floral world by storm.  Roselilies were new, complex, and singular; they also boasted other positive attributes like long vase life, no pollen, and a sweet, pleasing fragrance.

New Roselily Variety Natalia
Roselily Natalia

However, because the initial Roselily varieties were the very first-of-their-kind, they had some issues (weak laterals, bud breakage) which the team at De Looff Lily Innovation succeeded in overcoming with new and improved Roselily breeds such as the speckled maroon Thalita, the elegantly white Carolina, the soft Natalia, and electric-pink Elena.

New bright pink roselily elena
The bright pink Roselily Elena
These new Roselily varieties possess genetic improvements like thicker stems and stronger laterals.   These new, optimized roselily varieties still have lush, layered blooms, but now they sit atop a super strong stem base for no bud breakage.

New white roselily carolina
Roselily Carolina
We've been farming Roselilies for five years now, which has given us insight into the best growing conditions as well as post-harvest care.  One practice we have seen excellent results with is the practice of netting.

growing roselilies
Netted Roselily Bud
We pick Roselilies at a more advanced stage than our other lilies.  By gently covering the flower with a gerbera net, we ensure it stay closed, which allows us to keep the Roselily in the ground. This means the flower is able to continue obtaining nutrients, providing more saturation of color, bigger blooms, and stronger stems; plus, the nets have the added benefit of protecting the petals during transit.
gerbera net roselily

Flower breeding is fascinating, and we are pleased with these new, strong Roselily varieties which have come from years of optimization.  From one mutation came two varieties, and from two varieties, we know have the crème de la crème of Roselilies with more to come!

white roselily varieties dalinda
Roselily Dalinda
We offer the whole range of colors year-round, so whether you want pure white, freckled pink, dark maroon, or electric rose, we have the Roselily you are looking for.
unique roselily varieties
Roselily Thalita

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