Matsumoto Asters - Rising Stars on the Farm

Consumer’s love color and our Matsumoto Asters offer a veritable rainbow of color options in a bright, enthusiastic parade of hues. We’ve been growing Matsumotos for more than a decade, and frankly, I love this crop because we get to enjoy the color a bit, before they leave the farm.

hot pink matsumoto asters from Sun Valley
A bucket of Hot Pink!
 Matsumotos begin as a seed, and then grow into a plug, which we then plant directly in the soil. They grow tall and straight in the bright Pacific sun, creating dense rows of flowers which we cover with hoop houses to keep warm and protect from the elements.

When to pick asters
Two team members wading into the Asters.

When it’s time to pick them, it almost looks like our team members are wading into a chest deep pool of blooms. Matsumotos are just as photogenic in the field as they are in a bouquet or in a consumer bunch.

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The success of our Matsumoto program is rooted in three key areas:

    flower field photos
  1. Growing Expertise: Our team has been working with the same seed stock and growing conditions for many seasons. A primary reason for Sun Valley’s success is documenting everything we learn, every season, for every hoop house, and for every row,  for every stem …then we build upon this knowledge for the next planting. This excessive diligence leads to the gold standard in quality. 
  2. Environment: The light and loamy soil of the Oxnard Plain and the northern end of the Baja Peninsula is absolutely ideal for growing this crop. This is a flower farming match made in heaven.  Much like the superb conditions we have in Arcata for growing tulips, when you match the climate to the flower, the results are exceptional.
  3. Color Mix: When you buy from Sun Valley, you are getting your flowers direct from the farm. Our sales team knows the colors you historically request, and that information flows to the growers, who schedule and plan the color mix to our buyer’s needs. This gives you the freshest blooms, literally grown just for you.  

    growing matsumoto asters
    The yellow tape attracts pests, who then get stuck.
     Our Guiding Principle #9 is “Continuously Improve and Innovate.” This is the essence of our year-round Matsumoto program, which offers a superior quality product, which will truly delight and amaze your customers.

    Check out our ready to print Resource Page to share with your team.
    Have a quick (1 minute) throwback to a video we made of our team picking Matsumotos, caution, eye-candy alert!

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