Matricaria Motion

Matricaria (aka Feverfew, Chamomile, White Daisy) is a rising star at Sun Valley. We have been growing these beautiful wispy blooms for several years and our expertise is evident in our brimming hoop houses and the quality bunches being picked.

Check out this short video of Lane explaining our Matricaria program in Oxnard. This flower is really easy to work with, and therefore has been gaining a lot of popularity with the DIY crowd and younger flower buyers.

Matricaria in its essence is all about “movement.”  The playful blooms lead the eye around any arrangement and the delicate blossoms spring around the focal. Matricaria adds immediate levity to a bouquet and provides a bit of a "devil may care" attitude to a stately flower such as a Sorbonne Oriental Lily.

white daisy photo
White Daisy Matricaria Consumer Bunch
 Scroll down to see three simple pairings which you can create quickly and effortlessly.

Daisies | Lilies:
Paired with three stems of our drop dead gorgeous Sorbonne lilies. Our Matricaria is graded between 22 to 26 inches, so it can pair with tall product for the lux look. We can create these on our farm and ship as an enhanced bunch.

Lily and Chamomile Wedding Bouquet
Matricaria and Sorbenne Pink Lilies
Daisies | Iris:
One of the strengths of iris is the very linear feel these blue beauties bring to any arrangement.  The flowing, botanical essence of the Matricaria softens the strong lines of the iris, creating visual interest, and of the course the colors work together beautifully. This wonderful combination can be created on the farm as well.

Iris matricaria bouquet
Matricaria paired with Telstar Iris

Daisies | Tulips:
Combining these two playful flowers creates a table top arrangement, heavy on personality and color. For a bouquet that jumps off the table use a few different colored tulips or perhaps some of our fancy tulips to dress it up.
Matricaria Tulip Table Bouquet
Matricaria with Rainbow Tulips

Sun Valley's matricaria is also a great filler flower to use with customers requesting an "American Grown" wedding, bouquet or event.

Let the sunshine with Sun Valley matricaria!
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