Life After Mother's Day

Yes, there is life after Mother's Day.  The passing of our industry's "Super Bowl" doesn't mean we sit back and wait until next year.  No, the outpouring of  flowers for this holiday starts the momentum -- poised at the brink of summer, Mother's Day marks the beginning of new growth. 
Sun Valley Floral Farm Delphinium
Sunny Delphinium
In fact, life after Mother's Day is pretty fantastic.  Sun-soaked fields bring forth a cornucopia of warm-weather crops, wedding season is in full swing, and the flush of new color and flower varieties is simply irresistible. 

Sun Valley Group Matsumoto Asters
Matsumoto Asters
Life after Mother's Day marks the arrival of lovely, layered lisianthus as well as the dramatic entrance of zantedeschia (or z-callas as we call them)!

Sun Valley Floral Farms Lisianthus

Sun Valley Group Z-Callas

Our hoop houses fill up and our fields flourish; it is truly one of the best times to be a flower grower (and flower buyer!). Life after Mother's Day is a time for enhancing established relationships, bolstering new contacts, and continuing growth.
Sun Valley Floral Farms Royal Lilies
Royal Lilies (LA Hybrids)
Sun Valley Group Brassica
Months from now, our Arcata fields will bring forth summer iris, crocosmia, and montbretia, and our Willow Creek Farm will build its kingdom of cotinus and rosehips...... but all of that is to come; for now, let's focus on the present -- the post-Mother's Day glow, the warm breeze, the soft sunshine.  There is life after Mother's day, indeed!
Lady Aster Sun Valley Group