Lay, Lisianthus, Lay

“Whatever colors you have in your mind
I’ll show them to you and you’ll see them shine”  -Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan turned 77 last week, as this home grown American icon celebrated another trip around the sun, it led me to think about our Lisianthus crop. Lisianthus truly embodies the spirit of American Grown talent, as it’s a native species to the United States, with roots sown in the grassland prairies of Texas, much the way Dylan’s roots are sown in Duluth, Minnesota.

lisianthus arrangement 2018 Bill Prescott
Lisianthus with flowering Hawthorn branches

Like Bob Dylan’s songs, Lisianthus is a diverse and inspiring flower that can be interpreted and reinterpreted across generations and across the country. You will find it in chic Brooklyn flower design studios, and you will find it as a summer center piece on a picnic table in suburban Dallas. 

Lisianthus vase arrangement
Backyard Lisianthus

One of the great virtues of Lisianthus is its versatility. The beautiful florets open successively over time, unfurling a gorgeous display of soft color. This year, our program is weighted heavily towards the most popular color, purple, with pink, dark pink, white, cream and some stunning bi-colors making up the rest of the program. We will have plenty on hand through summer, and into fall. 

lisianthus and Black Out Lilies
"Black Out" Royal Lilies with Lisianthus

An aspect of Lisianthus which is underrated, is the artistic nature of the unopened blooms.  These buds add so much to the look and feel of a Lisianthus bunch, adding visual interest and girth to a simply consumer bunch. Only perhaps lilies have the same potent power of a bloom still in bud form.  
pink lisianthus and iris
Pink Lisianthus and Telstar iris

Another unique quality Lisianthus shares with a classic Dylan composition, is its ability to stand as a solo acoustic piece, or paired with a full band, or even in some cases an orchestra, and maintain its power. 
white lisianthus
Solo White  Lisianthus

The layers of blooms in a single stem of Lisianthus are there for you to discover, much like scraping the surface on a Dylan song. As the meanings evolve, so does the relevance. 

Versailles White Freesia and Bi-Color Lisianthus
Versailles White Freesia and Bi-Color Lisianthus
The Lisianthus song is still being written, what will be your verse?  

Lisianthus and purple tulips
Lisianthus and purple tulips