Join Petal It Foward 2016!

The Society of American Florists (SAF) is having their annual feel-good floral event, Petal It Forward, next week. The goal? To spread happiness, two bouquets at a time.

Petal it Forward
Petal It Forward in New York

On Wednesday, October 19th, SAF and florists nationwide will randomly present two bouquets each to people on the street in more than 200 cities in 47 states (see map of participating cities here). They flower-givers will ask recipients to "Petal It Forward" by giving away one of their bouquets to whomever they choose, and posting picture about it on social media using the hashtag #PetalItForward.

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From 2015's PetalItForward Event
SAF is encouraging florists, wholesalers and growers of all sizes to join in, with the goal of Petal It Forward events happening on the same day across the country, spreading smiles and highlighting the fact that giving and receiving flowers make us feel good. This kind of activity is good for business and the community on several levels. SAF Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Sparks explains, 
"The campaign's key strategy is to generate traditional and social media coverage to highlight the benefit of flower power--the positive impact flowers have on our emotional well-being."

What Sparks is referencing is a study completed by Rutgers University which demonstrates that the presence of flowers creates "instant delight," enhances feelings of life satisfaction and happiness, and has a positive impact on social behavior.  In addition, surveys conducted by SAF last year revealed that 84% of Americans say the best reason for receiving flowers is "just because," and 88% agreed that "giving flowers to others makes me feel happy."  Petal it Forward gives consumers the opportunity to both give and receive.

Petal it Forward Jennifer Sparks quote

How It Works

Join the floral industry on October 19th in surprising strangers with flowers.  Stand outside your shop or hit the streets to give two flower bouquets to random people in your community.  Kindly ask your flower recipients to "Petal It Forward," by giving one of their bouquets to someone special in their life, or even to another stranger.  The reason? Just Because.

Petal it forward SAF

Follow the fun and join the community by posting a photo of your arrangement on social media and using the tags below. Join us as we spread flower power throughout the country next Wednesday, October 19th!
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