An IFE Photo Story : Your Farmer's Market

We just returned from the International Floriculture Expo in Chicago (IFE!), an annual summertime event where the floral industry gathers together to discover new products, network, learn, and of course, celebrate all things floral.

IFE Sun Valley Farmer's Market

Sun Valley Farmer's MarketEvery year we attend, we plan a new theme, a new setup, a new sense-filled, all-encompassing flower farm experience.  This year, we honored our past (4 generations of flower farming) with bucolic and rustic wooden signs inviting you to join our world of color.  We also celebrated our position as one of the largest suppliers of domestically grown flowers in the US with the sentiment, "We Are Your Farmer's Market."

But enough talk! Join us as we take a photo journey through YOUR farmer's market:

Wild Flower Bouquets

Sun Valley Wildflower Bouquets IFE 2016

 Sun Valley Corto Collection IFE 2016

Sun Valley Floral Farms Wildflower Bouquets


The Flower Patch

Sun Valley Flower Patch IFE 2016

Sun Valley Flowers IFE 2016

Sun Valley sunflowers snapdragons IFE

4th Generation Farmers

Sun Valley 4th generation flower growers

Sun Valley Farmer's Market Flowers

  The Dream Team

Sun Valley IFE staff 2016


Sun Valley IFE Farmer's Market Display 2016

We hope you enjoyed our photo stroll through Your Farmer's Market!

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