Holiday Colors on a Stem

Santa is tugging a huge sled of beautiful red tulips to your town for Christmas. Sun Valley soil grown, tulips capture the spirit of the season with gorgeous rich red blooms and deep green foliage.  This is the perfect color scheme on a stem.

Holiday tulips

When you get your tulips straight from EITHER our farm in California or our farm in Eastern Canada you are getting the expertise and knowledge of four generations of tulip growing.  Lane DeVries puts his family’s heritage, and his unparalleled passion into each planting, continuously improving quality, selection and availability.

Christmas Tulips

We are harvesting southern hemisphere bulbs, so the quality is comparable to the very best spring tulips. Red is the color of the season, and we’ve been planning for this all year, so we have a large numbers being picked throughout December.

Holiday Tulip Design by Bill Prescott

Red tulips are an exceptional holiday flower for several reasons.

•    Red tulips woven into a selection of seasonal greens creates a perfect snapshot of holiday color.
•    They don’t have a strong scent which could overpower the traditional fragrance of the holidays.
•    A few stems can be placed around the home or business for a splash of color.
•    Pairing red tulips with white tulips creates a candy cane effect that is understated but beautiful.
•    Red tulips accent the omnipresent poinsettias which grace nearly every hearth in the country.
•    Soil grown tulips have superior vase life to other options.  

tulip field

Christmas and the holiday season are all about family and tradition, and this is what you are getting with each delivery of Sun Valley tulips. Share in the DeVries family tradition of excellence in tulip farming for this holiday season.
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