Happy Fly Day

Happy Fly Day!

Butterfly Ranunculus has become one of our favorite blooms of Spring! Boasting more petals than we can count and an incredible vase life (we're talking 2-3 weeks!) it is easy to see why!

Phytalos Butterfly Ranunculus from Sun Valley Floral Farms

This season we are growing a dozen varieties of Butterfly Ranunculus in an array of colors—from deep red to creamy pink and even a yellow so bright you can't help but smile when you see it!

These fluttery flowers can have up to 15 blooms on a single stem. Their delicate petals are coated in an iridescent sheen that beautifully captures the light and adds to their whimsy.

With so many petals to keep hydrated, it is no wonder Butterfly Ranunculus is known for how much water they can drink up!

Plenty of water is really all these gorgeous blooms need for a long, happy vase life. We recommend keeping a close eye on the water level to ensure that blooms don't prematurely wilt.

In a hot climate, we have seen certain varieties empty a vase full of water every day for two weeks!


Butterfly Ranunculus

Butterfly Ranunculus is often mistaken for the highly-petaled Italian varieties, which we also grow.

Aside from both having Ranunculus in their name, there are more differences between the two types of flowers than there are similarities.

Butterfly Ranunculus vs. Regular Ranunculus

The shorter, Italian Ranunculus is elegant and provides a consistent look for its entire vase life while Butterfly Ranunculus adds height, whimsy, and an ever-changing look as the many blooms open during the extraordinary vase life.

Harvesting Butterfly Ranunculus Sun Valley Floral Farms

Why We Love Butterfly Ranunculus:

  • Long vase life
  • Whimsical, wildflower look
  • Variety of colors
  • Easy care & handling
  • Hearty