Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Sun Valley

Today marks the 51st annual Earth Day celebration! Since 1970, people all over the world have been banding together to celebrate their love for the environment and sustainable living as well as renew their commitment to being positive stewards of our planet.

At Sun Valley, we are committed to using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to grow our beautiful blooms.

Sun Valley Rainforest Alliance Certified

Since 2017, our farm has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The rigorous certification strengthens our commitment to growing eco-friendly flowers while making a positive impact for our team and in our community.

Rainforest Alliance Certification goes beyond crop management. In order for a flower to be truly eco-friendly, each step in the flower’s journey from field to doorstep is monitored to ensure it meets the standards of certified sustainability. Not only that, our team members are also protected by fair wages, healthcare, and positive working conditions. In addition, certification programs ensure that the company plays a positive (and active) role in the community.

A few of the sustainability practices we implement on the farm are-

  • Recycling our drain water
  • Regularly rotating our crops
  • Steam-cleaning our soil so that it can be re-used
  • Composting old flowers & bulbs and adding them to our Humboldt Gold soil mix
  • Using bikes to get around the farm

We would love to know how you are celebrating Earth Day! Email us or tag us on social media to share the small changes you have implemented to your daily routine to live more sustainably.

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