Got Candy Cane Lilies?

The Holidays are kicking into high gear, and Candy Cane Lilies are one of the most in demand items of the season.  Luckily, we thought of that and have plenty on hand. If you are not familiar with Candy Cane, it is an Oriental lily with a thick red stripe!

If Santa grew lilies, these are what they would look like! 

Candy Cane Lilies from Sun Valley

Candy Cane's fat, saturated line of red which leads from the tip of the petal, straight into the throat of the lily sets the tone, and the festive red specks complete the ultimate holiday vision.

Candy Cane lilies have the amazing power to turn (almost!) any arrangement into a Christmas themed offering.

Growing lilies at sea level in the cool cloudy coastal climate of California leads to a higher quality lily than others on the market, this evident in our thick textured petals, sturdy stems and exceptional vase life.

Use this link for a free Hi-Res Download of the below Candy Cane Resource Page.

Christmas is perhaps the greatest season of entertaining, and as we welcome friends and family into our home or send a gift highlighting the season, a bouquet featuring Sun Valley Candy Cane lilies will certainly set the stage for holiday joy.
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