A French Tulip Story

J. K. Rowling the author of Harry Potter, famously said,

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”
French Tulip Flower Design
Pink Pride French Tulip

I feel flowers share this wonderful gift and every flower has a story to tell. The story comes out as you work with the flowers. Whether cutting open boxes frantically at 4 AM and filling up buckets in a bustling metropolitan flower market or working alone at the design bench making a bridal bouquet that will be a focal in a wedding celebration, the flowers we work with each share their personality.

Some are stubborn, some go along with your ideas, no matter how outlandish, some rise to the occasion while others end up on the studio floor.

french Tulip Flower design ideas
Albufeira Royal Lilies, Telstar Iris and White Mountain French Tulip
The French Tulip story starts in Holland, where we source the bulbs, technically called “Single Late Tulips,” they are actually bred as a tetraploid hybrid tulips. Tetraploid varieties contain twice as many chromosomes and twice as much genetic material as "normal" tulip varieties.  Hence their impactful presence, stretching to 36+ inches with heads the size of a Faberge egg.

menton french tulips
Menton French Tulips, with Salal.
The bulbs are brought to Northern California and planted in a rich soil combination of compost, redwood bark, Douglas fir bark and top soil. Then they are taken care of as they grow in covered hoop houses.  They thrive in the cool days and cold nights of the North Coast.

french tulip field
Pink Pride in the hoop house
They grow slow, taking their time to develop thick stems, dark green foliage and an epic head size. We have named these wonders of nature “Redwood Grove French Tulips” because there is a connection between how these tulips grow and how the mighty Coast Redwoods (Sequoia Sempervirens) grow here in Humboldt County.

Our overtly temperate climate is ideal for both species to reach their full potential, the tallest tree on earth is about 40 miles from where we grow these tulips.

They are gently harvested, pulled from the earth, with the bulb still attached.  They will stay on the bulb until the last possible moment to keep their internal ecosystem functioning as long as possible.
White mountain French tulip
White Mountain French Tulips, Telstar Iris, and Green Huckleberry
 Lastly, they are wrapped in our unique French tulip sleeve and sent on their way to delight and amaze both flower and story lovers across the country.

Sun valley French tulips
Look for our Redwoods Grove French Tulip Sleeve
They are the epitome of rural sophistication, showing off a timeless class, at home both in the rural hinterlands of Humboldt County and the most sophisticated loft in Manhattan.

Avignon Parrot French Tulips, Batavia French Tulips, Green Huckleberry, Salal, and White Mountain French Tulips

Our Redwood Grove French Tulips represent the rare blend of elegance, opulence and down-home value, this is a story worth sharing.
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