Flowers Make Us Happy

Flowers make us happy

2020 has been quite a doozy hasn't it? From the untimely passing of some of our heroes and loved ones, to a global pandemic and a nail-biting election— this year has highlighted just how important it is to care for our mental health in addition to our physical well-being.

The old adage, “stop and smell the flowers” might seem cliché, but during a time as frenzied as now, the advice has never been more relevant. Research has shown that exposure to flowers can relax you, can boost your creativity, and contribute to overall feelings of happiness.

Below we are sharing 5 of our favorite ways to get all the mood-boosting benefits that fresh flowers have to offer.

Flowers Make You Happy


Go For A Walk

Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is to simply stop what you're doing and take a walk.

On the farm we are fortunate to have acres of greenhouses and hoop houses to stroll through but we have found that even    taking a bit of time to stroll through the floral department of our favorite grocery store can have a calming effect on a              stressful day.





Arranging Flowers Is Great for Mental Health



 Arrange Some Flowers

 Need some help slowing down? Arranging flowers is a great way to bring some mindfulness to your day! Engage with nature  while you relieve stress and calm your mind.





Surrounding Yourself With Flowers is a great mood booster


Surround Yourself With Flowers

Whether you keep them at your desk or on your bedside table, the benefits of surrounding yourself with fresh flowers are too   numerous to be ignored. Researchers found that employees have better cognitive performance when they have fresh flowers   at their workstations. They also have increased creativity which makes for better problem-solving!






Plant a garden to boost your mood



Plant A Garden

Caring for and watching a garden grow is a great way to relieve stress and boost your mood!

We have been getting our hands dirty with Sun Valley's Humboldt Gold potting mix. It is the perfect soil for growing some        blooms at home.




Giving flowers is great for mental health



Share Some Blooms

Flowers help you create intimate connections and strengthen bonds with family and friends, which, ultimately, leads to a          happier, more fulfilled life.

Our favorite part of giving flowers is that as the giver you get all the benefits of being kind and generous and the recipient gets all the benefits of having a home filled with fresh flowers!

It is a win-win!



We want to see how you are staying positive during these difficult times. Share your flower power with the hashtag #flowersmakemehappy