Flowers in the Experience Economy

Flowers represent the epitome of the “Experience Economy.”  At a recent webinar by the Pantone Institute, hosted by the Produce Marketing Association, the color and culture guru’s at Pantone made a major point that today’s consumers want the experience, they want the story, they want to feel a visceral connection to the products they buy.
What better vehicle to provide that experience than cut flowers?  Flowers fit into the experience economy perfectly. Although, I do find it ironic that we spend so much of our day glued-to-our-phone, yet as soon as we look up from Instagram, we desire immediate, authentic experiences.

Flowers continue to bloom and change after you’ve purchased them, adding a depth which few other purchases can offer. They are accessible and inclusive, whether you shop for flowers at your local farmer’s market, your neighborhood florist, or where you buy your groceries.

Sun Valley Butterfly Collection
Our New "Butterfly Collection" with a (cute!) reusable watering container.

Flowers are very subjective, and they bring out our deepest feelings and memories.  I ask people nearly every day what their favorite flower is, interestingly most answers are not “cut and dried.” The answers generally all start with a story.

“Tulips are my favorite, because they were my Mom’s favorite.”

“Calla lilies, because they were in my wedding bouquet.”
“Blue iris because they remind me of my grandmother.”

Sun Valley Calla Lilies
Pretty Sun Valley Zantedeschia

  …sure, some flower lovers will just say, “Because they are pretty,” and this speaks to another facet of flowers and their role in society.  They are pretty, people buy them for the simple unrefined beauty which they bring to our lives. This is enough. To buy flowers is a freeing experience, since all they need to do is look pretty, with no strings attached.

The other response which speaks to the experience of flowers is people saying, “I have more than one favorite.” Much like they are looking at their children, each is special and perfect and you simply cannot pick one. As flower growers, this is a good problem to have!
Sun Valley Selfie Bouquet
Have you asked about our New "Selfie Bouquet"?

Another point from the Pantone/PMA webinar is that consumers are shifting from a position of “passive consumption” to “active participation” in the products they use, buy and share.

We see this trend playing out as flower lovers are now buying a few different bunches at the store or florist, and then taking them home to create their own masterpieces.  Why buy a manicured arrangement, when you can have the fun of making your own!

Fancy Tulips from sun Valley
Our Autumn Tulips are in full swing, including FANCY TULIPS!

How are you positioning your business to benefit from the experience economy?

Thanks to the PMA for this insightful webinar, and we hope to see you at the Fresh Summit in October.
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