Fear Not, We Have Your Callas

Sun Valley was recently at the IFE  trade show, showing off the wide variety of colored Calla Lilies (aka Zantedeschia) that we grow at Sun Valley. One of our long-standing customers walked up and said,

“Callas!  Is this a new program for Sun Valley?”

I calmly replied, “No, we have been growing colored Zantedeschia for over five years, …but what is new is that we are now growing Zantedeschia Aethiopic, the traditional white ones.”

Zantedeschia Aethiopic
Zantedeschia Aethiopic

The market for Callas has been very tight with much consolidation in the industry in the last couple years, but fear not, Sun Valley has you covered!

My point here is that no matter how much we talk about a crop or send emails, it is always important to create the opportunity for your customers to see your flowers in person!  I think this applies to a growers, wholesalers and even retail florists.

(Hint, Hint, we will be at Fun & Sun over the coming days, come say Hi!)

Sun Valley is growing not only traditional “colored callas” AKA Zantedeschia, but also Zantedeschia Aethiopica, which are the big white calla lilies.

Here are some fun facts for these perennial (literally!) favorites.

  • Calla Lilies aren’t lilies! They are in the family Araceae and are actually more similar to a philodendron house plant than other cut flowers.
  • “Calla” is the Greek word for beautiful.
  • Meanings:
    • White - Symbolizes purity and innocence
    • Pink – Symbolizes appreciation and admiration
    • Yellow – Symbolizes gratitude
    • Purple – Symbolizes charm
    • Dark Purple – Symbolizes royalty and strength
    • Red – Symbolizes courage
    • Black – Symbolizes elegance and mystery. 

Sun Valley’s year-round calla program is in full effect, so give us a call!