Fall Fancy Tulip Guide

Who doesn't love Fancy Tulips?

I grabbed a few buckets of Fancies last week, and had so much fun photographing all the crazy colors, shapes and textures, that I just had to share. This edition of Flower Talk highlights the eye-candy spectacle of our Fall Fancy Tulip program.
Specialty Tulip Guide

Our current program is very robust, with heaps of fall color available now, then we will be pivoting toward holiday colors in a couple weeks. These are Southern Hemisphere bulbs, so the quality is outstanding, we will be transitioning to harvesting Northern Hemisphere bulbs in January and February.

parrot and crispa tulips

These tulips are show stoppers and even the most seasoned flower folks, will just stop and stare. My little photo spot is sort of positioned on the edge of a hallway on the farm, and over the days that these tulips were being photographed, I could barely get a single exposure before someone randomly just walked up and started asking questions about the tulips. ...And these gawkers weren't the usual suspects. Guys from the IT Department were interested, some of the accountants were hovering, and a few people that I'm not even sure work here ...they just sort of wandered in.

crazy textured tulips

The power of these tulips to stop people in their tracks and immediately engage makes them a critical part of your floral department, your floral shop, or your wholesale cooler.

American Grown Tulips

Since these Fancies are soil grown, they are beefy and full of vigor. The foliage is rich, dark and green. As a testament to the vase life, I had been shooting these for over seven days, then one of our team members took the whole bunch home on Friday and brought them to her church on Sunday, where again they stopped people in their tracks and likely distracted from the sermon!   

Orange princess
Orange Princess

 These tulips come with serious street cred. as well.
  1. They are grown in the United States, on a Certified American Grown farm. Meaning less travel time to your store which equals better quality. They have a very low carbon footprint compared to imports and since you are keeping your dollars here at home, you are supporting American jobs and American families.
  2. All our tulips are certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance. Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization, that helps protect biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods. The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental and social standards.  (Bam! Are any other tulip farms Rainforest Certified?  That would be a no.)  

new tulip images

Thanks for coming along to tip toe through the fancy tulips. Give us a call or send an email, to get a few boxes on your next truck, then, let them work their magic!
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