Expertly Grown in Arcata

Sun Valley Floral Farms

Nestled amongst California's giant redwoods, in the foggy town of Arcata— Sun Valley is creating 365 days of Spring with their sustainably grown tulips, lilies & iris! Sun Valley, one of the largest growers of fresh cut flowers in the United States, got its start when head grower and CEO Lane DeVries was searching for the perfect location to grow premium flowers. The remote, coastal town has a year-round average temperature of 55° which allows the flowers to grow slowly- producing strong stems and deep green foliage. 

Of course, growing beautiful flowers year-round takes more than the perfect weather conditions. Sun Valley alternates between northern and southern hemisphere bulbs and state of the art techniques allow the farm to grow vibrant blooms 365 days a year!

In 2016, Sun Valley took major steps to become the first American flower farm to become certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance™. With this certification, Sun Valley showed their dedication to meeting rigorous environmental and social standards within the floral industry. So, whether you pick up a bunch of tulips, lilies, iris or even butterfly ranunculus— you can be sure that you are purchasing the highest quality flowers available!

Growing Flowers in Arcata, CA

— Farm Facts —

  • When Lane DeVries was searching for the perfect location to grow premium tulips he found Arcata, CA. With an average temperature of only 55° our flowers are able to grow slow and strong. 
  • Our coastal farm is located 300 miles north of San Francisco. Our remote location is perfect for flower growing but with a 12-hour drive to the nearest cross dock we face many logistic challenges. 
  • Our farm is equipped with 170,000 sq. ft. of coolers! The coolers are the start of our state-of-the-art cold chain management. Proper handling ensures that flowers arrive as fresh as when they left our farm!
  • Sustainability First. In 2017, our farm became the first American flower farm to become certified by the Rainforest Alliance™.