Embrace Tulips for Women's Day 2023


It’s almost Wednesday, March 8th! 

This year's theme for Women’s Day is “Embrace Equity”, and this meshes beautifully with the cut flower world. The floral industry is one of the most diverse and inclusive industries in the world, featuring a global scale across gender, age, race and religion.


Looking at a company such as Sun Valley, you see women in leadership roles all over the farm. You see women driving forklifts and managing the bunching lines. You see women leading the accounting team and marketing teams, and in every part of our business. As an organization and as an industry, we “Embrace Equity”!


Of course, celebrating Women’s Day with flowers has been a Sun Valley theme for over a decade and we continue to see great progress as flower sales match the rising enthusiasm for Women’s Day in American and international culture.


This may be a refresher for some, but for the uninitiated, flowers are the perfect way to celebrate Women’s Day. Instead of giving flowers to your partner or to your mother, aka, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the beauty of Women’s Day is that you give flowers to all the women in your life. And it its customary for women to give each other flowers.


Women’s Day being positioned at the beginning of March, and the beginning of spring make this holiday a perfect time to share tulips with your community. Sun valley has started a tradition of labeling all our tulips with a Women’s Day sticker at this time of year, so look in your cooler, you may already have Women’s Day ready tulips!


This year, embrace a bunch of Sun Valley tulips and share them with all those amazing women in your life, whether colleagues, family members or casual acquaintances. Women’s Day is an inclusive holiday, where we celebrate, honor and show our respect of all the wonderful women in our lives.  

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