Election Recovery and Royal Sunset Lilies

Today, as the sun sets, our mailboxes breathe a sigh of relief as they are no longer forced to house piles of glossy proposition pamphlets... It's been a whopper of an election season, and I'm sure many of us are looking for a little bit of calm and tranquility right about now.  For a pretty pick-me-up, I, of course, look to flowers. What better way to celebrate the end of this year's election season with something pretty, soothing, and tranquil—the Royal Sunset Lily.

Royal Sunset Lily growing by sun Valley Floral Farms
 The psychology of colors is well-documented with colors on the warm end of the spectrum—such as red, pink, orange, and yellow—shown to bring forth feelings of optimism and energy.  Our bi-color Royal Sunset lily offers that perfectly soothing color combination in addition to its  positive emotional affects as a flower.

fall color lilies

royal sunset lily bouquetThe Royal Sunset lily is an LA Hybrid, which means it isn't your average garden lily—LA Hybrids are a crossbred, man-made flower species. We have been these lilies for years now and have branded our LA Hybrids as Royal Lilies to indicate their prestige and high-quality standing.  Their blooms are bigger than traditional Asiatics, their vase life is the longest of any lily to date, and they have an incredible range of warm colors.  They are also virtually scentless—perfect for those who have floral allergies.

 Besides their excellent breeding history, Royal Sunset lilies also need a quality growing environment to really shine.  We plant our bulbs directly into the ground, laying down drip tape and a wire grid as we go.  The drip tape provides a consistent, measured supply of water and fertilizer directly to the flowers' root systems, and as the lilies grow, the wire grid is raised with them to provide support and help them continue growing tall and straight.
Royal Sunset Lilies in FallRoyal Sunset lilies respond best to warm days and cool nights, which is why Arcata's cool, coastal weather is the perfect place for them to grow.  During the colder months of winter, we switch to growing our Royal Lilies at our Southern California farm in Oxnard. The two locations allow us to produce a continuous supply of high-quality lilies all year. 

LA Hybrid lilies growing
It takes about 12-16 weeks for the lilies to reach the perfect time to harvest.  This unrushed developmental period is enough time for all the energy and nutrients from the bulb to reach the buds, so their vase life is incredible and the colors really pop.
Royal Sunset orange yellow lily

We are especially excited to offer the popular Royal Sunset Lilies as we dive head-first into November.  The demand for these particular lilies has increased over the last few years, so we have adjusted our growing schedule accordingly in order to have plenty of these warmed-hued babies throughout the season.

This autumn, let the gorgeous colors and soothing presence of Royal Sunset Lilies evoke feelings of optimism, creativity, and energy within you and everyone who enjoys them. 

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