Easter Energy



You may be surprised to learn that for many flower farmers Easter sales can actually rival Valentine’s Day.  Of course, it depends in what you specialize in growing.  Here at Sun Valley, we specialize in Tulips, Lilies, Iris and Butterfly Ranunculus for Easter and we are experiencing a huge amount of demand for Easter centric blooms!

For most people, the Easter holiday is all about lilies. Right now, our greenhouses are brimming with GIANT white and pink oriental lilies, perfect for Easter celebrations. The warm scent of an oriental lily has been part of Easter celebrations for generations. Many families still celebrate with traditional potted Easter lilies but buying them as cuts let you be more creative and have more fun with your designs …and no dirt on your nice white linen tablecloth!




For those that can’t handle the scent of Orientals due to allergies, Sun Valley Royal Lilies are the perfect stand in. They still come in white and pink, but also yellow, red and orange. Royal lilies really show off all the joy of spring, without any scent.  




The rising star of spring are our Butterflies.  They are a type of Ranunculus developed in Japan about six years ago. They are making headlines across the floral industry with the enormous number of blooms each bunch provides, delighting and amazing flower lovers nationwide. So, not your traditional Easter bloom, but something new and exciting for your Easter decorations.




Tulips represent the epitome of spring, and with Easter falling on April 9th, a colorful bouquet of tulips will match your Easter eggs! Sun Valley’s tulip are grown sustainably in California, so you can be sure that the blooms on your table match the pedigree of the other elements on your holiday table. Being domestically grown, they are fresh and offer superior vase life.  …And for true tulip aficionados, don’t forget our tulips weigh 35 to 40 grams.  Weight Matters!





Easter is all about rebirth and resurrection…and Easter eggs!   Flowers are the X factor that ties an entire celebration together. Whether you bring them as a guest or buy them to decorate your home, flowers are an Easter necessity.