Celebrate the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

January 31st will be the first Blue Moon, total lunar eclipse in 150 years! This sort of eclipse makes the moon almost look red, leading to the name “Blood Moon.” A Blue Moon is when we have 2 full moons in one month, but to add in an eclipse is truly of note.

We are celebrating with 3 iris bouquets that will help mark this historical event.

Iris are natures highest form of origami. The layers of petals are perfectly orchestrated into the thin blue tipped sheath. It would take some sort of Escheresque diagram to explain how they open. They bloom with such an unexpected joy that this makes them a perennial favorite with consumers.

We love to use them in bouquets, because they add a huge impact yet begin so unassumingly.

Obviously, blue is the biggest part of the program, however, we do have whites, purples, light blue and even a smattering of yellow.
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What separates our iris from other growers is three fold. It is a combination of bulb stock, environment and institutional knowledge.

First is the bulb stock. We only plant the best varieties, but you may be surprised to learn that we are also a testing ground for new varieties. Basically Lane and our team of growers are active in crop development with the breeders in Holland, so not only do we have access to the best historical varieties, we are on the cutting edge with the new varieties. This is a win win for our customers.

Second is our environment. We actually move our iris production with the seasons. For the winter we grow our iris on the fertile Oxnard plain, just north of LA and a couple miles from Ventura. The temperate climate makes this the ideal location for high quality iris in a variety of colors. Then,  as it warms up in the south, we move the crop to cool and cloudy Arcata for summer. Growing iris domestically also leads to a low environmental footprint and superior performance in the vase, since they haven't traveled across the globe to get to your store.

Third is our institutional knowledge. Our team has more experience growing iris than anyone else in the industry. Watch this short video of Lane explaining our program.

The coming Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse is a fun way to energize your flower shop or floral department for January!
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