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Christmas Berries

Where Does Ilex Come From?

Ilex Verticallata is the premier autumn and holiday berry in the floral world. Sun Valley’s ilex is in a class of its own since we have l...
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Spring Flower Series: Viburnum

Everybody has their own "Now it's spring" moment.  For some, it's when the snow melts, for others, when delicate blossoms tip the ends of...
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Ilex in Autumn

Can you feel it? Halloween has passed, election season is reaching its apex, and pumpkin spice is everywhere—Fall is here in all its glor...
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Summertime in Willow Creek

The last time I was in Willow Creek it was winter.  It was cold and the majority of the farm was pruned, flat, and waiting...But now, smack dab in the middle of summer, our Willow Creek Farm is crawling with activity, growth, and color!