Calla Season

Sun Valley Calla Lilies

This week our Northern California farm has been enveloped in what we locals call Fogust. As the name implies, Fogust is a regional weather phenomenon that brings unseasonably foggy days during the month of August. The fog does clear up for a few hours each day but we are left with long, gloomy mornings and chilly evenings that leave you hankering for Fall.

With all the grey skies, the start of our colorful Zantedeschia Calla season could not have come at a better time.

Sun Valley Colorful Calla Lilies

It is hard not to smile while walking around our greenhouses, but if there is one place where the smiles seem almost infectious, it is in the Calla greenhouses!

Being surrounded by so much color and beauty is awe-inspiring! It is no wonder that Callas get their name from the Greek word meaning "beautiful."

SUn Valley Floral Farms Team Member

Did you know that the Calla Lily is not a true Lily? It's true! While this flower has several nicknames which include the word lily it is technically a member of the Araceae family!

What's more, is that what we perceive as a single flower is actually multiple flowers! The inner yellow spike, or spadix, is actually what houses numerous flowers.

White Sun Valley Calla Lilies

Zantedeschia Calla Lilies offer so many reasons to love them-- their unique shape, the many rainbow hues they are available in, their natural hardiness, and of course the fun facts and trivia! We hope you enjoy these charismatic beauties as much as we do!

California Grown Calla Lilies Sun Valley

Why We Love Callas:

  • Colors: From white to black and nearly every color in- between, there is a variety for every occasion!
  • Unique: The spade like shape looks great in a grouping or as a compliment in an arrangement!
  • Excellent Vase Life: Callas can thrive for over a week!