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Sunday marked the final day of the 33rd annual Bouquets to Art exhibition, hosted every year by the de Young Museum in San Francisco. This event pairs artwork in the museum’s collection with flower designers from the Bay Area (and beyond) who then create a floral interpretation of their particular piece.  More than 120 designers were asked to participate this year, creating flower art ranging from the elegantly abstract to the intricately complex.
2017 Bouquets to Art
 "Rainy Season in the Tropics" by Frederic Edwin Church, 1866 | Flower Design by Jenny Tabarracci, AIFD
The event is the largest in the country, and the week-long floral exhibition is visited by fine art connoisseurs, design aficionados and flower lovers alike.
Bouquets to Art 2017

We, of course, we went to check it out!  Each year we supply this event with some our fabulous flowers, and we love to see what kind of floral alchemy is created with them.  We were not disappointed--not only did we get some great photos, we were also able to see what is trending in the floral design world right now, and what we saw were orchids, zantedeschia, and tulips, tulips, tulips!

Bouquets to Art Tulip Design
 "Two Figures in a Landscape" by William H. Brown, 1960 | Flower Design by Alena Jean Barragan

Bouquets to Art John Andrew James
 "Prometheus Bound" by Thomas Cole, 1847 | Flower Design by John Andrew James
Bouquets to Art 2017
Right: "V Series" by Frank Stella, 1968 | Flower Design by Yu-Mei Chen

Bouquets to Art Flower Design
Left:  "Our Lady Refuge of Sinners" (unidentified artist) | Flower Design by Fine Arts Museums of SF Flower Committee...Right: "Crusades" by Helen Frankenthaler, 1976 | Flower Design by Heather Dunne and Mari Tischenko
Bouquets to Art 2017
Left: "Bouguereau's Atelier at the Academie Julian, Paris" by Jefferson David Chaltant, 1891 | Flower Design by Daisy Rose and Jim Rose
bouquets to art 2017

Bouquets to Art 2017
Bouquets to Art 2017
There were even some flower costumes
We love Bouquets to Art because of its ability to bring the not-so-different worlds of fine art and flowers together. For centuries, flowers have served as inspiration for artists, and now, fine art inspires modern flower design.  You could say the two are as interconnected as Peace and Love.
Bouquets to Art 2017
The floral peace sign above honors the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, which the de Young will commemorate starting April 8th. 
Peace, Art, and Flowers,

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