Berry Up!

Snowberry Season is here.

Trend alert! Berries are hot! The Sun Valley team has been out on the road this summer, and one resounding theme from florists, designers, wholesalers, and mass market buyers has been excitement over berry crops. Botanicals with great texture and vase life are relatively rare, but they grow beautifully at our farm in Willow Creek California.


You likely know the Sun Valley grows our own proprietary varieties of Ilex and Rose Hips, but do you know we grow some really spectacular Snowberries? Snowberries are native to North and Central America and part of the Honeysuckle family. According to Wikipedia the name of the genus is derived from the Ancient Greek words συμφορεῖν (sumphoreîn), meaning "to bear together", and καρπός (karpós), meaning "fruit". It refers to the closely packed clusters of berries the species produces.[4

Snowberries 2

We just started harvesting. Colorwise the berries will evolve through some pure white varieties, to pink and purple tones. The season is ever evolving, so call your account rep to see what we are harvesting.

Snow Berries 3

Last year, we had a very successful harvest, sort of a “proof of concept” season as we’ve grown the program larger and larger over the years. 2023 will be the year our Snowberries reach their full potential to delight and amaze customers across the United States!