An Atmospheric River of Tulips!!!




Greetings from rainy, then sunny, then snowy, then rainy, then sunny again California. If you’ve been watching the West Coast weather report, you may be wondering, how the heck is Sun Valley holding up?

The answer is, GREAT!  Being based in Humboldt County, a region known for redwoods, wild running rivers and very, very wet winters, we are built to handle basically any amount of rain. Our Tulips, Lilies, Butterflies and Iris probably don’t even realize they live in a temperate rainforest.




We are thrilled to have these atmospheric rivers filling up our reservoirs and water tables.  But geez, the marketing people in the weather industry sure have gotten good at freaking people out.  Rain and wind are no problem here on the farm. Did you know Humboldt County usually gets between 40-60 inches of rain a year? No problemo!




The one factor that we do watch close is the night-time temperatures, since if they dip below the 40s many of our field crops stop growing. Since we reached the first day of spring earlier this week, let’s hope these temperatures keep climbing.



It is interesting that some crops like Iris like it a bit warmer, where our Butterflies prefer it cooler, and of course, any flowers growing under glass, like Tulips and Oriental Lilies, we can control by adjusting the environment inside the green house.


We are on track for excellent availability across the board for Easter and Mother’s Day.  So, give us a call today!

All this rain means our favorite swimming holes are going to be deep, clear and cold this summer…so maybe it’s time to start planning that trip to visit Sun Valley!  September is the perfect time!