American Flowers Week 2017

For its third consecutive year,  American Flowers Week (June 28-July 4) is taking off once again!  This celebration of US-grown flowers was created by's Debra Prinzing -- a mover and shaker in the domestic flower movement. As she says, "American-grown flowers are worth celebrating, so I figured they needed their own holiday... And what better time of year than the Fourth of July, Independence  Day, to plan the festivities?" 

Sun Valley American Grown

The goal of American Flowers Week is not only to celebrate US-grown flowers, greens, and botanicals, but to raise consumer awareness and engage them in a conversation about the origins of their flowers.  This is important, because while 74% of consumers do not know the origins of their flowers, 58% say they would prefer American Grown blooms, if given the option.  So with that sentiment comes American Flowers Week, a celebration of our U.S. Flower Farmers, the flowers they grow, and the industry members (florists, designers, retailers, wholesalers) whose values inspire them to source domestically. 

Sun Valley American Flowers Week

American Flowers Week is bolstered by the support and sponsorship of industry partners, such as the giant US-flower advocate Certified American Grown Flowers as well as Johnny's Selected Seeds, Arctic Alaska Peonies, Syndicate Sales, and Longfield Gardens.  The growth and variety of sponsors (from flower farmers to floral supply manufacturers) signals the development and positive impact this holiday is having within all parts of our domestic flower industry.

As stated by Kelvin Frye of Syndicate Sales, “Syndicate Sales is an American manufacturer of vases and supplies for the professional florist, so it’s entirely fitting to promote the vibrant American-grown floral palette from local flower farms and floral designers who fill our vases. We salute American Flowers Week.”

Sun VAlley Floral Farms American Flowers Week
The iconic Certified American Grown Logo

 Who Can Get Involved? 

Everyone! If you grow, design, market, sell, or simply LOVE flowers you can get involved with this movement.  Starting the conversation with others is an easy way to begin -- as stated by Hedda Brorstrom of Full Bloom Flower Farm, "I talk about American grown and supporting locally-grown flowers and why it’s so important.  Whether I’m talking with a veteran florist or a garden club message sticks.”

Sun Valley American Flowers WeekHere at Sun Valley, we always have the Certified American Grown logo on every flower that ships from our farm -- we believe that knowledge is power and by advertising that our products are American Grown, those 74% of consumers who didn't know the origin of their flowers, now know, and can make an informed choice.

And of course, social media is an excellent way to start--and join--the conversation.  With free visual resources available at (including logo, badge, icons, and coloring maps), and the use of the hashtag #AmericanFlowersWeek, you can join the U.S. farmers, florists, and wholesalers in the American Flower Revolution!  This time last year, the #AmericanFlowersWeek hashtag generated 1.4 million impressions on Instagram and Twitter, and this metric is predicted to increase in 2017.  

 Follow along, add your own photos, and take pride in your American Grown Flowers!

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